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Clifton Skatepark, Nottingham

As you may be aware there is going to be a new concrete skatepark and BMX setup in Clifton, just outside Nottingham, close to the M1 Motorway off the A453.

Below is an overview of the Park project as a whole including the skatepark and BMX Track in the top left corner adajcent to Farnborough Road, this scheme below has not be finalized as is still at the consultation stage with all parties involved. 

Proposed Clifton, Nottingham Skatepark, Dirt Jumps/BMX Track Scheme

There is a meeting on Wednesday 2nd December at 6.00pm at Green Lane Youth Club, Clifton off South Church Drive with the Council to discuss the proposals. The meeting is planned to finish about 7.30pm so if you get back from work late you could still catch the tail end of the meeting.

This Skatepark meeting didn't seem that well publicized by Nottingham City Council, so that next one needs to be pushed more by us users.

Please attend to show your support and express your idea's.

Check out Nottingham City Council's Website for contact details and brief details of their proposals.


There is now a Skateboarding Training Session starting up at Clifton Leisure Centre.  Check out the flyer below.

Nise Skateboards - Skateboard Training Sessions at Clifton Leisure Centre

UPDATE October 2010 - Planning Approved and Mavericks have won the project

There is a meeting for the New Skatepark and BMX track at Clifton Playing Fields on Tuesday 26th October at From 7pm, the meeting with Maverick will become an open meeting for anyone interested in the facility to have a look at the designs and make comments.  Please can you spread the word about the open meeting at 7pm.  Its at the Clifton Playing Fields on Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham.  Everyones Welcome !

Check out the inital Designs which may need tweaking, depending on your comments !.

If you want dirt jumps aswell, you'd best get down there and air your views, as there will be loads of fresh mud available !!.

Hopefully this will be the first of many in Nottingahm, we need a flagship Skatepark very close to the centre of Nottingham too,  placing  Nottingham back on the map for Skate and BMX destinations in the UK.

Clifton Skatepark, Nottingham MAVERICKS Industries Design

Clifton Skatepark, Nottingham. Designed by Maverick Industries

Clifton Pump Track at the Skatepark, Nottingham. Designed by Maverick Industries

Are these designs going to work for a pump track ? and do you want an area for dirt jumps ?

If so get yourself down to the meeting on 26th October  at 7.00pm !

LASTEST UPDATE - January 2011

After another group meeting with the Public input just before Christmas, Mavericks have slightly altered the design of the street section to meet the calls of the users.  See the final revised scheme below.


Clifton Skatepark Nottingham - Final Layout




Next to the Skatepark is going to be a BMX Pump track and here are the lastest design, if however you feel there is something that needs tweaking before it is created on site please get in touc with Nottingham City Council to see what they can do.  As there hasn't been much input from a great deal of BMXers on this one.

Clifton Skatepark BMX Pump Track - Proposed Final Layout

Please post your coments and show what you think.

There will be some great soil coming out the ground  for the Bowl sections, so if any local  BMX Groups/riders want to contact the Council and try and see if they can have some dumped near the Pump track for creating some free formed dirt jumps too.

23 comments to Clifton Skatepark, Nottingham

  • Minder

    MEETING UPDATE !!! – Sounds Like it could be interesting

    Are you interested in attending a design meeting for the Clifton “Big Fun” skatepark and BMX facility at Clifton Playing Fields.

    Contractors are being invited to attend 30 min sessions to discuss design ideas with users. The contractors will then use these ideas in their design submission. This is a great opportunity to influence the designs for your facility.

    We would like to invite you to a meeting on Tuesday 20th July, 6pm-8:15pm at Clifton Playing Fields Pavilion. The meeting may seem like a long one, but this is to ensure all 4 contractors have a 30 minute session with the group.

    Please could you confirm if you can attend this meeting. If you know of anyone else who might be interested please could you pass on my details…I am trying to ensure that the group represents all users, hence not opening this up as an open meeting.

    Nottingham City Council, Sport, Leisure & Parks, Woodthorpe Grange, Woodthorpe Drive, Nottingham, NG5 4HA

    T: 0115 9152709

  • Jon

    I heard there is another Skatepark Meeting in the pipeline to discuss the design further.
    They are looking for local experienced Skaters and BMXers to guide them on the design with the Skatepark Contractor.

  • danny s.

    looks good news after broadmarsh being torn down,bit further out from where i live could get a bus to it, but looks good though.

  • Minder


    Heard a report back that they may be going out for tenders in early Spring and could be on site in Autumn 2010.

    The Council want more local riders/people from the Clifton Area to get involved and have their say.

    They have funding for a BMX Track/Pump track and may be possibly and area where you can form your own dirt jumps subject to the Council’s approval on the the user groups designs. This will be to cover their Public Liability Insurance, this system seems to work okay now after a few teething problems at Weston Park which is owned by Leicester City Council, on the A47.

    People really need to get involved as the Coucil what experienced riders/Skaters to help them setup an area that is going to be right and constructed by Specialist in this type of work.

    They displayed a preliminary idea on a picture board which seemed fine for the Skatepark, however there is room for fine tuning if required. The Council just want to get it out for tender to get the Contractural element moving.

    One question thou, would the skaters/BMXers/Inliners want a ‘Teen Shelter’ right next to the Skatepark. Would this attract the undesirable NON USERS?.

    A few other idae’s were raised – Does the Skatepark want to be nearer the road for safety, Should the spoil heaps be built up in front of the skateaprk to screen it from the houses.

    Concerns over mud from the BMX area being tacked back into the Skatepark, it was explained that a track would be surfaced in a fine stone.

    So get yourself down to the next meeting in January 2010. I will keep you posted on the date.

  • M.E

    I went to it and the designs are sick, join the facebook group ‘Make a skatepark in clifton’ and the next meeting is in january sometime 😀

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