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Clifton Skatepark Nottingham - Final Layout

This is the proposed Clifton Skatepark and BMX Pump track at Nottingham. Due to finished March 2011. This is the final layout.

4 comments to Clifton-Skatepark-Final-Scheme

  • For Fun


    I heard there is an skatepark and BMX track opening event on Saturday 24th Sept, 12-3pm.

    Get your self down there !

  • hi,
    just to update everyone again visiting the new Nottingham Clifton skate-park, in cars, vans, mini buses the main car parking area is at the sports pavilion and toilets are also available their.. Note: in the summertime the pavilion is open till quite bit later then winter opening times, i think its around 8.00am until 8.30pm..if possible try not to park on the main Farnborough Road…..cheers everyone

    facebook page:


  • Ady

    Wow I really dont know where to start other than to say if 8.5 foot vert deep end and 8.5 foot oververt is not deed enough for you where do you curently skate? the ony place deeper I can think of in the uk is Safron Walden . I have skated a Saffy many times but have only ever seen 2 people that can use the deep bowl dispite the fact there has been hundreds of people there each time I have skated it.
    I and most of my friends skate mates skate mainly bowls we travel all over the country to skate bowls I have not heard any bowlrider complain about the desigh infact everbody I know is really excited and is delighted it is being built by Maveric

  • mike

    great design layout, well maybe!

    A big shame the main bowl is not a lot deeper though? and the hips and quarter pipes weren’t a bit higher, the first time Nottingham get something great like it’s very first 3 bowl skate-park it gets messed up by not having much thought behind the designs sizes.

    this is 2011 and not the 1970s/80s that only had 5f to 6f quarter pipes to ride back then. “apart from some placers like Kettering and Livingston, South sea bowl that was just plan Mad”.

    Clifton skate-park really just looks like a little bit bigger south-glade plaza park in it’s sizes. “which i would say is OK for beginners to semi riders/skaters “but not really a full skate-park design like Clifton skate-park should really be.

    just a few sizes:


    bowl/ mini 1800mm
    hipped bowl 1200mm
    high quarter pipe 2400mm
    hipped quarter 1200mm
    quarter pipe 1800mm


    minramp 1650mm
    volcano 1350mm
    bowl to hip 1650mm
    tombstone 1500mm
    deep bowl with mini 1350mm
    over vert cradle 2600mm
    vert pool 2500mm

    Some say better then nothing at all!, i say when the chance comes along it’s better to get things 98.9% right first time for everyone to use to help progress their riding and skating or Which ever sport their into, and help to push them to a different levels..as you never hardly or ever get a 2nd chance to re-build or re-design something again this big.

    A very big thanks to Nottingham council for the funding and maverick for their so called design.

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