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Is the Elite Ice Hockey League more stable with ten teams ?

Is the British Elite Ice Hockey League heading towards a stable future ?

I am sure the Elite Ice Hockey League still has many issues to iron out, but with the Dundee Stars and Fife Flyers adding to the Scottish contingent its seems on the face off it that things are looking brighter for some teams and the EIHL as a whole.  With a new league sponsor, attendances on the up in the festive period and results getting closer between the bottom and top teams, could this be start of some form of stability in the top ice hockey league in Britain.

British Ice Hockey - The EIHL - Playoff Finals in Nottingham in 2011

I hope so, and it would be nice for the newer teams to annouce that they can plan and fund future seasons in the EIHL and help shape it's future. If the EIHL can make it through the bad economic years there could be a major sponsor interested at the end of it, who knows.

EIHL Sheffield Steelers Home Ice Rink

If a British north and south conference league system was setup, what are the chances of a team from Ayr taking part again for example, I know they have their arena knocked down for some reason. Just wondered if there was interest generating again now there are four Scottish teams in the league and they seem to have a good youth system up at the local rink.

The Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) ice hockey league in Germany has 14 teams and many more ice hockey leagues around the world have the same or more teams in a league, so it is feasible to operate a sucessful league with more teams.  Durham Wasps had a great following years ago so with some good marketing this sleeping hockey gaint come be a league favourite once more.  Then there's London the U.K's capital with over 7.5 million people and no top flight ice hockey team, surely something could be done here with a little financial backing and a new arena to play in.  There was London Knights in the Superleague then the London Racers which disbanded due to a lack of facility suitable for their needs, so possibly a new venue could come from the 2012 Olympics.  There are other large U.K cities like Birmingham and Manchester which could sustain a EIHL team with some promoting as there is a very large potential auidence in these area's.

hen even have the CHL to look for in years to come for one or two of our top teams. Or is that pushing it too far for Ice Hockey in Europe.  I would prefer a champions league similar to the football setup as a format, however it now seems that a IHF Champions League is years away which is a great shame for Ice Hockey.  For some reason ice hockey has never competed with football in most of Western Europe.


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